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George Dixon’s funeral service took place at St Augustine’s Church, Edgbaston, in January 1898.

St Augustine Church, Edgbaston

Dixon’s funeral service was held here.

There was then a procession to the graveyard at Witton Cemetery.









The funeral procession








Tombstones in Witton Cemetery

George Dixon’s tombstone is a simple affair, shared with his wife Mary, who died 13 years before him. To the right is the single tombstone of his elder sister Mary, who died just months before him.





Overshadowed by the M6



There are no other tombstones near these two, standing isolated and overshadowed by the M6.






The legend reads as follows:George Dixon grave George Dixon for many years Member of Parliament and Chairman of the School Board for Birmingham. Born July 21 1820. Died January 24 1898.




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