Royal Holloway

Professor Penelope Corfield

Professor Penelope Corfield

The author was very privileged to study at Royal Holloway College, University for the purposes of writing this book, first taking a part-time MA, followed by a part-time PhD course. He was supervised by Professor Penelope Corfield, to whom he owes an enormous debt of gratitude.

Her own website is to be found at

In the course of finalising the text, a draft of the book was read by Professor Roger Ward, and Dr Gillian Sutherland, whose observations were much appreciated and a number of changes made.


Lord and Lady Briggs

Lord and Lady Briggs

The work features an Introduction by Lord Briggs, for which the author is very grateful indeed.

The photograph on the right was taken by the author on the occasion of the Colloquium held on the occasion of his 90th birthday at Senate House, Russell Square, London.

A brief summary of his illustrious career is to be found at,_Baron_Briggs

During the course of his studies, the author made the remarkable discovery that his great-great-aunt, Christiana Herringham, was one of the benefactors of Bedford College, which later merged with Royal Holloway College. Today, the full name is Royal Holloway and Bedford New College. Some of her paintings were bequeathed to the College, and further details can be found at

whilst a brief summary of her life is to be found at

Sir Wilmot Herringham

Sir Wilmot Herringham

Christiana’s husband, Sir Wilmot, served as Chairman of the Bedford College Council of Management for many years between the two world wars, whilst his brother-in-law, Charles Dixon, served as Honorary Treasurer.

A brief summary of his life is to be found at

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